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French designer Karnit Aharoni unveils new collection

French fashion designer, Karnit Aharoni, has unveiled a new collection. The new collection displays the wind-swept grace of searing sand dunes and the colourful dress of the ruggedly enduring Bedouin people from the Middle East. The brand communicates its mix of traditions and newness through timeless garments for strong independent and creative women.A true citizen of the world, Karnit has taken inspirational cues from her time growing up in Israel and New Zealand, and living in London, New York and Milan, where she worked with and for such icons as Donna Karan and Ermenegildo Zegna. Accordingly, the Karnit Aharoni collection projects a distinctive and thoroughly authentic international élan. The aesthetic, while perceptibly rooted in classical design, is fresh and dynamic, imbued with modern artistic details gleaned from her experiences on four continents, according to a press release by Karnit Aharoni.

Aharoni’s designs are at once timeless and visionary; informed by elements of menswear, but always decidedly feminine and classically sexy. The purposeful silhouettes wear easily and e?ortlessly. Everything about the pieces says high-end, glamour-chic, timeless and very often season-less, adapted to contemporary life style on the go.

The collection is entirely designed in France, Aharoni’s current home, and produced in France Italy and Portugal, with the great attention to quality and passion for craft and detail one would expect from French-made fashions. The smart, sumptuous, subtly sexy all-day-wear makes extensive use of exclusively designed and developed textiles, exceptionally textural embroidery and luxurious knits.

The date palm tree, cultivated in Aharoni’s homeland since the origins of recorded history, is a recurring motif throughout the collection. The dragon, embroidered on each item and the collection’s brand mark, is from a piece of heirloom jewellery once worn by Karnit’s grandmother, who she describes as a strong and inspiring woman in a long line of equally powerful and active women, who pave their own paths.

“So much of fashion today is entirely trend driven, and there’s certainly a place for that. My collection is for the client who likes giving a wink to today’s trends but has a deep and abiding appreciation for the timeless, classic elements of fashion. She wants a put- together look that travels well, reflects her worldly eye for quality and personal sense of style,” Aharoni said.

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