What’s different about this election – and not

What’s different about this election – and not

The election of 2020 has been called many things: extraordinary, bizarre, unprecedented.

It’s all true, in some ways, though the election is still being held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday of November, and a Democrat or a Republican will win it.

The differences start with a couple of future trivia answers. 

Election 2020, the final week, in photos

Keep up on the latest in national and local politics as Election 2020 comes into focus.

Miles Taylor announced that he is “Anonymous,” the senior White House official who claimed to be part of a “resistance” working “from within” to thwart President Trump’s “worst inclinations.”

Find out how Trump and Biden are faring in the battleground states likely to decide Election 2020 with this rundown of statewide polls, updated daily.

Plus: Will the vote be protected from foreign meddling? This Tuesday’s election raises many questions, and here are the top 10 you may want answered now.

Here’s what’s happening today with Trump and Biden, plus facts and analysis of America’s vote. Both sides agree: It’s an election with stakes higher than any other in modern American history.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Public relations firms hired by the Department of Health and Human Services vetted political views of hundreds of celebrities for a planned $250 million ad blitz aimed at portraying President Donald Trump’s response to the coronavirus outbreak in a positive light, according to documents released Thursday by a House committee.

Here’s some help to figure out who wins — and when. Get some clear answers to help you navigate Election Week. Bonus: Try our game to predict whether Trump or Biden wins!

WASHINGTON (AP) — A former Trump administration official who penned a scathing anti-Trump op-ed and book under the pen name “Anonymous” revealed himself Wednesday as a former chief of staff at the Department of Homeland Security.

WASHINGTON (AP) — With a bit of rejiggering, President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump played host Sunday to hundreds of superheroes, unicorns, skeletons and even a miniature version of themselves as part of a Halloween celebration at the White House.

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Democrats and Republicans in the battleground state of Wisconsin were pushing Tuesday to get 320,000 outstanding absentee ballots returned by the close of polls on Election Day, after the U.S. Supreme Court refused to extend the deadline to receive and count ballots as Democrats had wanted.


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