Richard Mdluli likens himself to Mandela, says he will petition SCA to appeal 5-year jail term

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Richard Mdluli says he will appeal his sentencing.

Richard Mdluli says he will appeal his sentencing.

  • Former crime intelligence boss Richard Mdluli has compared himself to Nelson Mandela. 
  • Mdluli claimed, like the former statesman who was imprisoned, charges against him (Mdluli) were fabricated. 
  • He believes he didn’t receive a fair trial, but refused to divulge his reasons for saying so.

Convicted former crime intelligence boss Richard Mdluli has likened himself to Nelson Mandela, claiming the charges against him were fabricated like they were against Mandela, who was imprisoned for 27 years on treason charges during the apartheid era. 

Mdluli believes he didn’t receive a fair trial, but refused to divulge his reasons. He said all facts will be tabled in another senior court. 

“If a person like Mandela was taken to prison for the offences he didn’t commit, the same is applying to me now. I can’t say that I am better than Mandela.”

“There are lot of things I know about myself. There are many people involved in these issues. This is not the right time to speak about this case.”

Mdluli was speaking to media after his sentencing.

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“When the case is over, I will sit down and speak about the matter. I am 100% sure that charges against me are trumped up, following my appointment as head of crime intelligence,” Mdluli said. 

He described himself as an ordinary South African and “not unique”.

He also said he respects the law and has every right to approach any court in the country. 

“We are going to petition the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA). We are aware that there are lots of gaps, which were not dealt with by [this] court.

“The only way to go further is to petition the SCA, based on the facts and reasons we have. We are aware that we were not supposed to be convicted and sent to prison,” he said.  

in the Gauteng High Court in Johannesburg, Judge Ratha Mokgoatlheng earlier sentenced Mdluli and his former colleague, Mthembeni Mthunzi, each to an effective five-year jail term. 

The two former police officers were sentenced for the kidnapping and assault of Mdluli’s ex-partner, Tshidi Buthelezi, her husband, Oupa Ramogibe, and her friend Alice Manana in 1998. 


Mokgoatlheng dismissed their application for leave to appeal both their conviction and sentence. 

Ramogibe was shot dead in 1999, while his wife, Buthelezi, later died from an undisclosed illness. 

Mdluli said he did not owe the Ramogibe family any conversation because he was the one who had been victimised. 

“In fact, the person who ought to be spoken to is me. I am the victim here, so I don’t think there is anything I owe them because they said I was involved in the (Ramogibe) murder case. That matter (murder inquest) was dealt with by the court and I was cleared.”

He added: “Even this one, I still believe that through appeal we are going to get our way. My lawyer will start working on our case from tomorrow. In the meantime, we will start working on our bail application pending the appeal.”

National Prosecuting Authority Phindi Mjonondwane said they welcomed the sentence as it serves to promote the right to equality before the law. 

“The sentence imposed proves that, as the NPA, we will continue prosecuting without fear, favour or prejudice. We believe it is a just sentence.

“As we have opposed their leave to appeal in court today, we intend to oppose any application they will be bringing before any court to have this decision of the high court set aside,” Mjonondwane said. 

Meanwhile, Mdluli is expected back in court on another matter in November.

He is expected to appear in the Gauteng High Court in Pretoria, alongside former crime intelligence chief financial officer, Solomon Lazarus, and former supply chain manager, Heine Barnard, to stand trial for allegedly abusing the Secret Services Slush Fund. 

They face multiple counts of fraud, corruption, theft and defeating the administration of justice in relation to the alleged abuse of the Secret Services Slush Fund.


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