PICS | Truck driver killed in Pinetown after truck ploughs into several cars

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  • A truck driver was killed in a horrific sequence of events following an initial crash in Pinetown. 
  • While trying to move the truck after the accident, it appeared to lose control. 
  • He died after falling out of the truck which ploughed into several cars and a wall.

A truck driver was killed in a horrific sequence of events in Pinetown on Monday night which saw his truck ploughing into several vehicles and eventually crashing into a wall. 

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Leon Fourie from Life Response 24/7 told NewsyBag the truck was involved in a collision with four vehicles on Stapleton Road in New Germany. 

A Metro Police officer was at the scene to take details after the first accident, where nobody was injured. 

Soon after, Fourie said, the driver got back in and tried to reverse his truck. 

A vehicle that was hit in the accident.

The truck after it crashed into a wall (Life Response 24/7)

He added the driver then got out of the truck but it gained momentum and ploughed into several cars.

The driver tried to stop it, but he seemed to lose his footing and fell, hitting his head. 

A video taken by bystanders captured people screaming frantically as the truck moved forward and eventually rolled down an embankment and into the wall of a residential property and two other cars. The Life Response 24/7 paramedics tried to resuscitate the driver but he died. 

Fourie said nobody at the residential property was injured, adding it was not immediately clear what caused the collision in the first place, and what made the truck lose control. 

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