PICS | Murder of top cop Charl Kinnear captured on CCTV

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The shooter pulls the trigger, killing Lieutenant Colonel Charl Kinnear.

The shooter pulls the trigger, killing Lieutenant Colonel Charl Kinnear.

  • Screenshots of CCTV footage captured the murder of Cape Town Anti-Gang Unit detective Lieutenant Colonel Charl Kinnear. 
  • Kinnear was shot dead in his car in front of his house in Bishop Lavis on 18 September. 
  • The footage shows a man loitering in the area before approaching Kinnear and pulling the trigger. 

Screenshots of CCTV footage show the chilling moments before Western Cape detective Lieutenant Colonel Charl Kinnear was shot dead as well as the shooting. 

Images of the footage, published by Netwerk24, show a man in a red hoodie and black Adidas sweatpants making his way down Gearing Street in Bishop Lavis where Kinnear lived. It also captured the moment Kinnear was shot five times as he sat in his car outside his house. 

The footage was taken by several CCTV cameras as he loitered the area. But at 15:02:50, he was captured by Kinnear’s own security cameras.

He can be seen walking on the sidewalk opposite Kinnear’s house, holding his hands behind his back. 

Thirty seconds later, the man can be seen next to Kinnear’s car, and although the image is slightly obscured, it appears that he is pointing a firearm at Kinnear. This was the moment Kinnear was shot several times.

NewsyBag earlier reported that video footage could form part of the investigation into the murder.


Charl Kinnear’s killer starts to run in the direction of Gearing Street.


The killer seen opposite Kinnear’s house with his hands behind his back.


Charl Kinnear’s murderer next to the detective’s vehicle, holding what appears to be a firearm.


The man firing the shots that ended Kinnear’s life.

On Thursday, police arrested a 39-year-old man in connection with the murder of Kinnear, who was a senior member of the Anti-Gang Unit.

The man, who appeared in the Bishop Lavis Magistrate’s Court on Friday, is former professional rugby player Zane Kilian.

Kilian was charged with murder, conspiracy to commit murder and the illegal interception of communications. The latter charge is believed to be linked to the tracking of Kinnear’s cellphone.

He will appear in court again on 5 October. More arrests are expected.

Police ‘failed’ Kinnear

In a statement, national police commissioner General Khehla John Sitole said: “We are all saddened by this tragic untimely loss of Colonel Kinnear and his murder is a huge loss to South Africa and its people.”

Police Minister Bheki Cele said Kinnear was “failed” by the police. The minister said this at a briefing in the Kinnear family’s driveway on the day after he was murdered, after spending almost an hour with Kinnear’s wife Nicolette and sons, Carlisle and Casleigh.

“I must say unfortunately, at the moment, there are more questions than answers … but right now, as it stands, it does look like we have failed as the police. We could have done things better.”

Cele said he would not hesitate to ask President Cyril Ramaphosa for additional resources, if needed, to track down Kinnear’s killers.

– Compiled by Riaan Grobler


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