TCL Announces 2020 Sound Bar Lineup

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TCL announced today five new products in its TCL Alto Sound
Bar lineup. The new products include the TCL Alto 9+ which was first
at CES back in January, along with the Alto 8i, Alto 6/6+, and the
Alto 3.

“TCL is excited to build on the first-generation of Alto
products by leveraging its strong capabilities in audio and vertical
integration to deliver superior sound that exceeds standards in the market. The
brand has always been dedicated to improving people’s lives with joy and simplicity
and that formula has built a strong foundation for our TV business. We aim to
carry that same success over to the audio side with a seamless user experience
and incredible value,” said Chris Larson, Senior Vice President, TCL.

Each of the Alto models have three different listening modes – Movie, Music, and TV. The Movie mode allows viewers to hear the dialogue with precise clarity and feel the impact of punches or explosions in intense action scenes. Music mode enables the sound of instruments, vocals, and bass to come through with pristine accuracy. And TV mode isolates ambient sound from speech, so the focus remains on the content without distractions from background noise.

Here are the details about each of the new products:

TCL Alto 9+ Sound Bar

This is the first sound bar with TCL’s RAY-DANZ technology, which
features uniquely angled speakers that beam sound waves towards reflector units
to create an incredibly immersive, ultra-wide soundstage.

This model is ideal for 55” TVs and larger and is now
available for $299.

TCL Alto 8i Sound Bar

Create a theater experience with one product with the Alto
8i. The Alto 8i offers deep, rich bass through its dual internal subwoofers and
immersive playback with surround sound with Dolby Atmos.

This model is ideal for 55” TVs and larger and will be
available for $179 next month.

TCL Alto 6 and 6+ Sound Bar

These affordable options bring bigger, bolder sound to your
room. TCL’s Alto 6+ adds pounding bass from the powerful downward-firing
wireless subwoofer and maximum clarity with Dolby Digital decoding.

This model is ideal for 40” TVs and larger. The Alto 6 will
be available for $79 and TCL Alto 6+ with subwoofer will be available for $129,
both at the end of the month.

TCL Alto 3 Sound Bar

If you’re working with a smaller space, this is the sound
bar for you. The TCL Alto 3 has a compact size and slim profile, perfect for
smaller apartments and creating a home theater experience in a dorm room.

This model is ideal for 32” TVs and larger and will be
available for $59 in October.

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