LinkedIn gets a redesign; adds a range of new features

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LinkedIn is redesigning the professional networking platform and is adding a range of new features to make it more engaging.

LinkedIn, last week, detailed multiple changes coming to the professional networking platform.

It will be adding a new, streamlined search experience to “make it much easier to surface the people, events, groups and content” that users are looking for while helping them reach out beyond their existing network.

It will also be adding a dark mode soon. The new redesign is also aimed at making LinkedIn more inclusive and engaging.

“We’ve also added new illustrations that showcase people with different abilities, diverse backgrounds and ethnicities, and a wide range of jobs and industries,” LinkedIn said in a blog post.

Prior to the new redesign, LinkedIn had launched an “Open to Work,” profile photo frame for users that lets recruiters know that a particular user is available for job opportunities. “Nearly 2.5 million members have adopted the frame, from airline pilots to data analysts,” LinkedIn said.

New features for messaging

LinkedIn is also adding various new features to the platform. Users will now be able to edit or delete a message that has been sent.

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For users using the mobile version of the platform, they can press-and-hold or double tap on the message to open up a menu of options. On desktop, users can hover over the message to see the pop-up menu. From there, they will get the options to edit or delete the particular message.

Users will also be able to react to a particular message with an emoji.

LinkedIn is also making it easier to manage messages in bulk. Users can select multiple conversations at a time to archive, delete or mark them read/unread, all at once.

This can be done using the “manage conversations” options in the mobile version. Users can also hold on a message until they see check boxes next to each message. They can then check the boxes against the conversations that they would like to mark, delete or archive. They can hover over a message to see the option for selecting multiple messages and manage them on the desktop.

Users will also have the ability to add new users to existing conversation. They can use the “new group chat” option in an existing conversation and add others to join.

“This will create a new conversation and your original conversation history will remain private,” LinkedIn explained.

They can also report, dismiss and mark as safe existing messages flagged by the platform.

Video calls, LinkedIn stories

LinkedIn is also adding support for video calls on the platform.

“We’ll be making it easy for you to switch the conversation from chat to face-to-face using Microsoft Teams, BlueJeans by Verizon, or Zoom directly in your LinkedIn messages,” LinkedIn said.

This can be done through a video icon next to the message box. Users can also share a unique link to start an instant meeting or schedule the meeting for later. The feature will be available starting this Fall, LinkedIn said.

It has also rolled out a new feature called LinkedIn stories to users in the United States and Canada last week. The feature is similar to the Stories feature on platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook. Users can record a video or take a photo directly through the app or upload the content for stories. They can upload a video of up to 20 seconds on stories. They can then add a sticker and / or text or tag other users in their stories.

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LinkedIn Stories is currently available in the US, Canada, France, Australia, Brazil, Netherlands, and the UAE. It will be rolling this out to members globally soon.


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