SHOCKING | SA reacts to Malmesbury earthquake

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Earthquake readings on scale.

Earthquake readings on scale.

25m ago

The second earthquake was registered at around 09:12 on Sunday, and
happened around 5km to 6km north of Durbanville, CGS
spokesperson Mahlatse Mononela confirmed.

26m ago

The CGS earlier confirmed that an earthquake occurred on Saturday at
20:41 and was recorded by the South African National Seismograph

“Many reports have been received from residents of Cape
Town who have reportedly experienced a tremor during this time. It does
not seem to be related to the earthquake that occurred at 19:10
[Saturday] off the coast of South Africa,” the CGS said in a statement.

1h ago

2.5 magnitude earthquake confirmed in Western Cape, unrelated to quake off SA’s coast

A tremor felt in Cape Town on Saturday night was caused by a
2.5 magnitude earthquake roughly 10km north of Malmesbury, the Council for
Geoscience (CGS) has said.


1h ago

A third tremor in Cape Town. Less noise than last night’s.

— Jenni Evans (@itchybyte) September 27, 2020

1h ago

There was just an almighty rumble in Cape Town northern suburbs. What the hell was that?!

— Cathryn Reece (@CathrynR) September 26, 2020

1h ago

Tremor felt in Cape Town after earthquake reported off SA’s coast

The City of Cape Town’s residents reportedly experienced tremors on Saturday night after, according to the US Geological Survey, a slight earthquake was felt in certain parts of the city.



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